Video Crafting Guide

Crafting Checklist

This written guide is meant to accompany the video guide. Make sure to watch the video first, then use this guide to help you with your crafting.

  1. Prepare! Start collecting mats. Don't refine anything yet! Refinement helps you level, so keep your mats in their unrefined states for now.
  2. Level to 400 using the guides. You can use the normal or the fast guides. Normal will save you a bit of gold, but it can also take a lot more time. (More clicking.) It's not a huge difference in gold for most crafts most of the time, but you should evaluate the difference in order to decide whether it's worth it to you. Remember: DO NOT REFINE ANY MORE MATS THAN YOU NEED TO BECAUSE...
  3. 400 - 422/423/424ish: refine mats. I usually go until about 423, it starts to take way too long after that. You should be refining T6 base mats: orichalcum, gossamer, ancient wood, etc.
  4. 422/423/424ish - 450: craft exotics. You need to make lots and lots of exotics. You can use the gw2crafts guides to find ways to save money. My suggestion: get inscriptions/insignias by salvaging dungeon weapons and armor and craft new exotics with those. Sell the exotics you craft. Watch the video for details.
  5. 450 - 472/473/474ish: refine ascended mats. "Obsidian refinement" - making Bloodstone Bricks, Empyreal Stars, Dragonite Ingots - those will form a large majority of your crafting experience here. Also do daily "ectoplasm refinement" - mithrillium, silk thread, etc - to help raise you closer. You'll need those later.
  6. 472/473/474ish - 500: more exotics. Usually 12 or 13. This part is always really rough.