Dungeon Gearing Prep Guide

Dungeon Prep Checklist

This written guide is meant to accompany the video guide. Make sure to watch the video first, then use this guide to help you with preparing for dungeons. This is a quick checklist for things you should have ready to go before joining us for dungeons. This isn't a totally binding list; if you're mostly set with these things and just short in a couple areas, it's probably alright. Just ask.

  1. Get to level 80. (For Explorable Mode, at least.) While you can certainly join for some dungeons before 80, it may not be worth your gold to gear (and re-gear as you level) to the extent we'd like. That said, we'll often take sub-80s with us, but it's not advisable while you're also trying to learn explorable paths.
  2. Gear up with Rare level 80 gear. This gear is actually pretty easy to get just by running world bosses. You can also buy it on the Trading Post. Once you're finished with it, you can salvage it for ecto and get your value back, so don't feel like it's a waste of money. Ideally your gear is centered around a build for your class. We'd be thrilled to help you with builds! Ask if you need it. Rule of thumb: get gear with Power as the main stat and secondary stats as needed. If you don't feel comfortable trying to get a full Berserker's set, mix pieces of Berserker's with Soldier's or Valkyrie's. There are two good non-Power primary stat gear options: Celestial and Knight's, but these are situational. Talk with somebody who knows your profession well before choosing those stat sets.
  3. Get yourself a set of food+utility consumables as well as potions for the dungeons you'll be running. For most of my runs, I use Peach Tarts or Plates of Steak and Asparagus. These are cheap and provide a nice boost. You should carry Sharpening Stones for dungeons which do not have a corresponding potion (Ascalonian Catacombs and Crucible of Eternity) and dungeon potions for the remaining dungeons. Use them! You don't need the top-quality stuff, one step down from the best is fine and will save you gold.
  4. Know some of your profession's expectations. We don't require you to run specific builds in MEGA, but most professions have traits or skills that are too good not to bring. Examples: Warrior banners, Ranger's Spotter trait, Mesmer's Time Warp, Elementalist's Conjure Weapons. Again, this is something you can find out pretty easily by asking on guild chat or Teamspeak.
  5. If you are new to a path or build, let your teammates know. We're always happy to help new players, but we typically run with the expectation that you know the fights. We don't know to take the time to explain if you don't tell us you need it.
  6. Ask questions! There's usually reasons we do certain things: stand in certain places, use certain weapons, etc. If you see everybody do something and wonder why, just ask!