New Player Checklist

Welcome to MEGA! This checklist is meant to guide new members through some of the steps you'll take to get up and running.

Guild Missions Checklist

MEGA runs guild missions on Monday evenings at 9pm Eastern US time (that's 6pm Pacific time). In order to join for guild missions, you'll need a reasonably-high level toon with a variety of waypoints unlocked. You'll be able to complete most of the missions on a level 40 or 50 toon, but some will require levels as high as 80. Guild Bounties require more waypoints than most other mission types. Try to have at least these waypoints and a couple around them. You can copy these and paste into Guild Wars 2 chat to get the clickable links.

Raid FAQ

We get a lot of questions regarding raids. Here's a few things to know...

If you are interested in getting started with raids, talk to Karaoke or Selara about your build, the gear you'll need, and our expectations. In general, you should be running a meta- or very-near-meta build, exotic or better armor with appropriate runes, ascended weapons with appropriate sigils, ascended trinkets (some exceptions may be made based on availability of certain ascended trinket stats), and top-level food (100/70 or 10% food, not 80/60 or 8% food). Exceptions may be made on an individual basis for training raids.

We classify raids into three types: